In the 7th of March 1995 Rolveda was created, a company born from the personal efforts of its founder and today is undoubtedly a reference to the national level and not only in the sale of bearings and seals. From the outset the great mission of this company has been serving its customers with bearings and effective sealing solutions but at a competitive price.

Born in a small space and we have grown over the years with today's large and functional facilities and efficient and competent staff available to resolve requests that the market puts us insistently.
That effect in January 2000 we started to dispose of own manufacture of sealants and once again mark the diferençacolocando manufacture to everyone.

Throughout these years we have been extending our response by seeking new markets such as Europe and we represent brands that fit our mission, quality and service at a good price, are now part of our system over 30,500 articles in prestigious international brands with especially the bearings and seals and more recently industrial transmission.

Bearing in mind that the market is constantly evolving continue together with our professionals, clients, suppliers and friends to walk a path of success side by side as well as being available always been and we can state that:




 pdf Guarniflon Dealer Certificate






Pollutec Maroc

Rolveda will be present at the Exhibition Pollutec Morocco (in Casablanca) to strengthen its brand promotion and excellence of its products and services in the North African region.The 6th edition of...

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Auto & Equip Garage 2014

A genuine technological tradeshow, Auto Garage & Equip takes place between May, the 7th and the 10th and Rolveda will be there!Following the goals of a sustained internationalization of its ...

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19º anniversary

On the 7th March, ROLVEDA deserves congratulations, celebrating its 19th anniversary.As your " slogan" Advertiser says - since 1995 selling solutions... - actually, firms with higher probabilities of success are ...

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New Schedule

Enhancing our quality policy on the continuity of services provided to our customers, the Rolveda changed the hours of operation, thereby increasing their competitiveness and customer service. We come to ...

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